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Rain cover type diesel generator set


1. Overview of rain-proof cover type diesel generator set:

The rainproof type generator set is mainly equipped with an outer cover to prevent rainwater from entering when it rains. When it rains, it will operate as usual even if it is used in the open air. The generator set adopts a special rainproof base with a rainproof cover on the top and is equipped with rainproof The door is installed on the cover and movably connected with the lower side of the rain door to open or close the telescopic rod of the rain door. Preferably, a rain shield is arranged above the hinged position of the rain door and the cover body, and both sides of the cover body are opened by double doors, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to repair or maintain.

2. Application:

The rain-proof power station is suitable for the construction of fixed places in the open air and in the field, and can improve the rain, snow, sand and other capabilities of the unit.

3. Features:

⊙The rain cover is made of galvanized sheet and special steel

⊙The shutter structure is designed, and the ventilation is smooth even when the door is locked

⊙The air duct design can effectively reduce the working temperature of the unit

⊙Two-color painting design, beautiful and generous

⊙Convenient, fast, easy to operate, etc.

4. Technical parameters:

The power range of the diesel generator set supplied by our company is 30kw-3000kw, which can meet the specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile...

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