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Xinjiang Zhongmai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 11.8 million yuan. It is a company with one-stop service of diesel generator set design, supply, debugging and maintenance. The power range of the diesel generator set supplied by our company is 30kw-3000kw, which can meet the special power needs of various specifications such as ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile, automatic grid opening system.
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Our company uses well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Shangchai\"Dongfeng\" brand 135 series, Shandong Weichai 105 series, Jichai 190 series, Yuchai, Volvo of Sweden Cummins of the United States, Qianglu of the United States, Daewoo of South Korea, etc...

Zhongmai Electromechanical, China's excellent supplier of diesel generator sets
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Technological innovation
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1. Technological innovation
All products keep pace with the times and keep innovating
Diesel generator set has the advantages of small size, light weight, low noise, less exhaust gas, economy and fuel saving, stable operation performance,
High reliability and other advantages, used in telecommunications, military industry, energy, transportation, railways, highways, banks, certificates
Different fields such as coupons, real estate, factories, hospitals, schools, data centers, etc.
2. Technology research and development
Always take low emission and low pollution products as the research and development direction
The test station with modern generator set production complete sets and complete sets and original set testing equipment
PT pump and nozzle inspection center, complete hardware and software facilities can provide you with generator load analysis and capacity
And professional consulting services such as system selection and installation planning.
Fast and efficient
Access to global supply logistics and distribution system support
The global all-weather logistics system distribution plan, China region can get free delivery service, if youFind
productIf there is a quality problem, we solemnly promise to return the full payment unconditionally within 7 days and free exchange service within 30 days.
After-sales service
China can cover some remote county-level areas
Long-term provide users with the supply of genuine parts outside the warranty period, technical consultation, guidance installation, commissioning and operation during the warranty period,
Power transformation and technical training. It also provides pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales tracking services for related Cummins related products.
To ensure that user problems are solved in time, you can call the 7*24 hour global service phone at any time.


1. Provide 24-hour service and provide uninterrupted service until the end. Provide enough spare parts to meet the maintenance needs of the builder.
2. The supplier provides a warranty period of 12 months or 1000 hours of cumulative operation for the complete set of equipment specified in the contract (the time is subject to the first arrival), and the time starts from the day when the comprehensive acceptance is passed and the builder accepts and uses.. .
company news
Our company only produces high-quality products with accurate delivery time and high-quality service to bring you high-quality finished products
  • [company news] Kechuang Garden Civil Air Defense Power Generation System Installation Project
    The Kechuang Garden, undertaken by Jiangsu Qi’an Construction Group Jinshun Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., is located in the new urban area of ​​Urumqi. The diesel generator set provided by our company is mainly used for the Kechuang Garden’s civil air defense power generation system project. 2 diesel generator sets are one One backup is used to provide backup power for the civil air defense system for the project.
  • [Industry News] Installation and commissioning of 500KW unit of Xinjiang Weitai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
    On June 23, 2019, the company's after-sales service personnel went to Xinjiang Weitai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. to install the unit. The unit model purchased by Xinjiang Weitai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is XG-500GF, the power is 500KW, and the diesel engine brand is Chongqing Cummins.
  • [Technical Support] Introduction to the Lubrication System and Cooling System of Diesel Generator Set
    The function of the lubrication system is to provide sufficient oil to the friction surfaces of the diesel engine to reduce its wear and ensure its normal operation. At the same time, it also has the functions of heat dissipation, cleaning, sealing and corrosion prevention. The lubrication system is mainly composed of oil pump, oil filter, centrifugal filter, various regulating valves and lubrication pipeline oil cooler.
  • [Technical Support] Introduction to the definition and characteristics of high-voltage diesel generator sets
    Diesel generator sets include high-voltage diesel generator sets and low-voltage diesel generator sets. What is a high-voltage diesel generator set? In fact, it means literally, high voltage. At present, many large enterprises, coal mines, power plants, ports, airports, data centers, etc. purchase relatively more high-voltage diesel generator sets.
  • [Technical Support] Diesel generator set fuel system and intake and exhaust system
    The fuel supply system is mainly composed of fuel transfer pump, fuel filter, fuel cooler, fuel injection pump and fuel injector. Its function is to inject diesel fuel into the combustion chamber at a fixed time, quantitative, and pressure according to the working conditions of the diesel engine. At the same time, the fuel injection pump and governor are used to control the diesel engine to run stably under given conditions.
  • [Technical Support] Causes of stalling of diesel generator sets during operation
    1. When the diesel generator set automatically turns off, the speed gradually decreases, the operation is unstable, and the exhaust emits white smoke. This phenomenon indicates that there is water in the diesel, the cylinder gasket is washed out, or the automatic decompression is damaged. Measures: Replace the cylinder gasket and adjust the pressure reducing mechanism.
  • [Technical Support] Treatment method for water tank leakage of diesel generator set
    How to check and repair if the water tank leaks during the use of the diesel generator set? The technical service engineer of Jiangsu Xingguang Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. gave the following solutions: 1. If the water tank is leaking, we can clamp the core tube at the leaking place with pliers. 2. Liquid sealant. If the leakage is caused by a solid gasket, you can clean the leakage surface, and then apply liquid sealant.
  • [Technical Support] Encyclopedia of matters needing attention to prevent the unit from appearing \"stop broken\"
    Diesel generator sets are used as emergency backup power sources after mains failure and power failure. Most of the time, the generator sets are in standby standby state. After the mains power failure, the unit needs to \"start in an emergency, and supply power immediately\". It is essential to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the generator set on a daily basis, because the generator set is in a static state for a long time.
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The power range of the diesel generator set supplied by our company is 30kw-3000kw, which can meet the specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile...

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