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Precautions for overhaul of generator set and inspections to be done for one year of operation

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Precautions for daily maintenance of diesel generator sets:
1. The disassembled parts must be stored properly, and cannot be lost or placed arbitrarily to avoid collision and damage.
2. The main parts such as rotor, end cover, stator, etc. must be handled with care to avoid damage.
3. When removing each thread, make a mark. When reinstalling, connect with the correct number, and never adjust it wrongly.
4. When removing the bearing cover, properly cover the bearing and bearing cover with clean paper to prevent dust from flying in. If there is dust, the lubricant must be replaced.
5. After the motor is installed, turn the rotor gently by hand to check for abnormal noise or inflexible rotation.
6. The end cover screws must be screwed in crosswise at the same time, and tightened diagonally. Do not tighten one screw first, and then tighten other screws at a time.


The inspection items to be done for each year of operation of diesel generator sets are as follows:
1. Turbocharger;
2. Check
3. General inspection of lubricating oil cooler, inspection/cleaning;
4. Lubricating oil drain pump, check/replace;
5. Check the filter element used;
6. Intercooler, check/clean.


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  • The Sino-US joint venture Dongfeng Cummins and Chongqing Cummins engines have small size, light weight, low fuel consumption, high power, reliable operation, and convenient parts supply and maintenance. It adopts electronic speed governor, with protection functions such as high cooling water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed alarm and automatic shutdown. Engine, the whole series use Cummins engine as power, outstanding transient response characteristics, good fuel economy, environmentally friendly emissions, high reliability and long life cycle.

    1. It adopts Cummins Power World's unified design, production and testing standards and is manufactured in China.
    2. Meet and surpass the Chinese national standard of GB/T2820-97 \"Reciprocating internal combustion engine driven AC generator set\".
    3. Cummins provides comprehensive quality assurance and is responsible for the warranty of the generator set, including the engine, generator and control system.
    4. The professional service network all over the world provides customers with 24-hour after-sales service and spare parts supply.
  • Volvo is a large industrial enterprise in Sweden with a history of more than 120 years. It is one of the world’s oldest engine manufacturers. So far, its engine output has reached more than 1 million units, and it is widely used in automobiles, engineering machinery, and ships. It is the ideal power of the generator set.

    1. High load bearing capacity and fast and reliable cold start performance;
    2. The low-resistance supercharger and the fast-reacting fuel injection system make the engine have a higher load-bearing capacity in a short recovery time; the heater is installed in the intake manifold, making the engine easy to start when the ambient temperature is low ;
    3. Stable work and low noise;
    4. Optimized design of shock-absorbing body, accurately matched supercharger, and low-speed cooling fan;
    5. Less exhaust gas emissions and low operating costs;
    6. The typical smoke exhaust degree is less than 1 Bosch unit; the fuel consumption is low. The appearance is small, compared with other products, the appearance design is beautiful and small.
  • British Perkins is one of the world's three famous diesel engine manufacturers and has more than 4,000 sales outlets in the world. Perkins is widely used in industries, construction machinery, agriculture, marine, and power generation equipment with its high performance, high quality and high reliability.

    1. Excellent shock absorption performance: optimized design of shock absorption system based on computer dynamic simulation.
    2. Advanced control system: the control strategy of the full monitoring system based on reliability design.
    3. Green and environmental protection: a diesel engine that combines energy saving and low emissions.
    4. Low noise: Tailor-made exhaust silencer system for each unit.
    5. Excellent performance: stable operation, low vibration, low fuel consumption rate, low oil consumption rate, long operating life, long overhaul time and low noise.
  • R series diesel engine is a new generation of power jointly developed by our factory and British Ricardo Company. It is divided into four-cylinder, six-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct-injection combustion chamber high-speed diesel engine, cylinder diameter 100/105/108/135mm , The power covers 26.5-400kW, the speed is 1500-2800r/min, it has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, high reliability, high torque, easy start, low emission, small size, high power, and convenient operation and maintenance. It is an ideal power for vehicles, construction machinery, generator sets, ships, tractors, stationary power, etc.
  • The domestic 135 series diesel engine produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is an earlier developed and widely used model in my country. The 135 diesel generator set has mature technology, easy-to-purchase spare parts and a large power range. There are vertical 4-cylinder, vertical 6-cylinder, V-type 12-cylinder, power 50KW-300KW. This series of products is particularly preferred by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. Our company is an OEM partner of Shanghai Diesel Co., Ltd., and all of this series of products are equipped with Shanghai Diesel Co., Ltd. Dongfeng brand diesel engines.

    The G128 series diesel engine is an upgraded product of the 135D series diesel engine. It is a new type of energy-saving and low-noise diesel engine recently developed by Shangchai to expand the power range of the 6135 diesel engine. Most of the diesel engines of this series adopt new advanced technologies such as supercharging and intercooling, with superior performance, compact layout, further enhanced reliability, and effective changes in emissions and noise indicators, thus changing the operating environment of the diesel engine and fully satisfying the user's supporting facilities. Requirement, since it was put into the market, it has been welcomed by the majority of users, and the market sales have risen rapidly.

    Shangchai diesel generator sets use Dongfeng brand 135 and SC series diesel engines produced by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., with stable quality, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
  • Powerful, it can output nameplate rated power below 2000m above sea level, and can output 110% overload power of rated power in less than 1 hour; fuel consumption rate and lubricating oil consumption rate are far better than similar domestic products.

    1. The engine runs smoothly and has low noise;
    2. Fast and reliable cold start performance;
    3. The layman's design is beautiful and compact;
    4. Low fuel consumption and low operating cost;
    5. The performance indicators meet the requirements specified in GB/T13032-91.
    Wide adaptation: suitable for various passenger, cargo ships and fishing boats as common power supply or backup emergency power supply.
  • The non-moving diesel generator set is a new product of the \"Wandi\" brand 135 series diesel engine developed and produced by Wuxi Power Engineering Co., Ltd., with more than 280-1200kw 20 diesel generator sets with different specifications and performance. Its power and reliability The performance and economy are generally recognized by customers.

    (1) The boundary dimensions, installation dimensions and connection dimensions of diesel generator sets are in compliance with the factory product drawings approved by the prescribed procedures.
    (2) The welding of the unit should be firm, the welding seam should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as weld penetration, undercut, slag inclusion and pores. The welding slag and flux should be cleaned; the paint film should be uniform without obvious cracks and peeling; the coating should be smooth , There is no leakage of plating spots, corrosion, etc.; the fasteners of the unit should not be loose.
    (3) The electrical installation of the diesel generator set should conform to the circuit diagram, and the connection of each wire of the generator set should have obvious signs not easy to fall off.
    (4) Diesel generator sets should have well-grounded terminals.
    (5) The diesel generator set signs are complete.
  • The design of the mobile generator set is unique and innovative, with high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, excellent manufacturing and beautiful appearance.

    The trailer frame is welded into a frame structure with groove beams, with reasonable selection of nodes, high strength and good rigidity; at the same time, it is equipped with a leaf spring suspension structure; the trailer adopts a height-adjustable bolt-type traction frame, which is suitable for tractors of various heights; Shaped steel pipe welded through-type axle, compact structure, safe and reliable; four corners of the frame are equipped with mechanical support devices, equipped with inertial service brake, parking brake and escape emergency brake to ensure the safety of the unit under various conditions;

    The GFD series of low-noise power stations are divided into box-type and vehicle-mounted type. The noise level can reach 65 decibels (dba) or less. It is suitable for use in densely populated areas or places with strict environmental noise requirements. This type of power station has good mobility and strong adaptability. , Fast power supply. It is widely used in film and television production and municipal engineering.
  • The low-noise diesel generator set is a new series of products developed by introducing and absorbing the advanced technology of foreign low-noise generator sets. The products meet the GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 national standards and have been put on the market in batches.

    1. Low noise, compact overall structure and small space occupation;
    2. The box body is all detachable structure, the box body is made of steel plate splicing, the surface is coated with high-performance anti-rust paint, and it has the functions of noise reduction and rainproof;
    3. The inside of the cabinet adopts a multi-layer barrier impedance mismatch muffler structure and a built-in large impedance muffler.
    4. The cabinet structure design is reasonable. There is a large-capacity fuel tank inside the cabinet, and there are two inspection doors on the left and right at the same time to facilitate the troubleshooting of the unit;
    5. At the same time, there is an observation window and a unit emergency shutdown button on the cabinet to observe the operation of the unit and stop the unit at a faster speed when an emergency occurs to avoid damage to the unit.
  • Wiman Power D series diesel engines have introduced and absorbed advanced engine design, production, management concepts and technologies. They are arranged in a wide range of power, covering 120KW-800KW. The low compression ratio and the technical characteristics of the strengthened body structure make the product high Reliability, strong power, low voice and other advantages. The product is easy to install, has few failures, and is easy to maintain. It can be used in areas with high temperature, strong power, and harsh weather conditions. It is an ideal power for generator sets, marine main engines, auxiliary engines, and various engineering machinery.

    The D series diesel engine optimizes the structural design through three-dimensional modeling and limited strength analysis, so that the power of the diesel engine is greatly improved, and the weight is more than 100kg lighter than the same power in-line diesel engine.

    The Wiman generator set management system realizes closed-loop control electronic speed regulation, achieving excellent steady-state control characteristics, optimizing the matching design of the oil system, and the fuel consumption index meets the standard.
  • The Daewoo series diesel generator sets launched by South Korea's Daewoo Heavy Industries have a higher cost-performance ratio. The products meet the following standards: GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, ISO8525-3, ISO3046, ISO8525 and other national and international standards, and the exhaust complies with the US EPA and CARB standards.

    Daewoo diesel engines are widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, construction machinery, and generator sets, and are recognized worldwide for their small size, light weight, strong anti-sudden load capacity, low noise, and economical reliability.
  • The new diesel engine produced by German Deutz Company, Weichai, Hechai, and Huachai Technology Co., Ltd.: compact structure, strong reliability and economical use. Emissions reach Euro Ⅱ or Euro Ⅲ standards; equipped with a new type of supercharger, with intake air return function, can be well adapted to use in plateau and high altitude areas.

    1. Komais/Deutz diesel engine, advanced technology, reasonable design, reliable and excellent performance, long working life.
    2. The emissions of Deutz diesel generators meet the Euro||or Euro||| standard.
    3. Equipped with a new type of supercharger, which has the function of air intake recirculation, which can well adapt to the plateau and high altitude areas.
  • 1. DC start, four-stroke, water cooling, direct injection, 150rpm self-contained fan closed cycle cooling, exhaust gas turbocharging.
    2. Integral crankshaft, the gantry is the body, which can be interchanged with the old 135 diesel engine as a whole.
    3. The generator set adopts a new type of necked combustion chamber, which meets environmental protection indicators.
    4. Optimized design of lubrication and cooling system, reliable performance.
    5. It has strong plateau working ability, the power drop is less than 3%, and the power range is 100kw-650kw.
    6. Shanghai Kepu, Marathon, Siemens, etc. are recommended for generator sets.
    7. The maintenance personnel rush to the scene within 3 hours after receiving the maintenance call, provide 24-hour service, and provide uninterrupted service until the end. Provide enough spare parts to meet the maintenance needs of the builder.
    8. The supplier provides a 12-month or 1000-hour warranty period for the entire set of equipment specified in the contract (the time is subject to the first arrival), and the time starts from the day when the comprehensive acceptance is passed and the builder accepts and uses it.
    9. Perform routine inspection, adjustment and lubrication of all generator set equipment within the warranty period. During the warranty period, we will guide users on site twice a year for product maintenance and maintenance. During the design life cycle of the goods, ensure that the user replaces the parts with the same quality from the original factory to ensure their normal use.
    10. During the warranty period, the supplier shall pay for himself and be responsible for repairing and replacing any damage and malfunction caused by the quality of the equipment itself.
    11. At the end of the defect warranty, a professional engineer will conduct another test on the equipment, and any faults will be resolved at the supplier's own expense and the construction party's consent will be obtained. After the end of the warranty period, you are still responsible for providing life-long maintenance services to the equipment, and only charge for accessories.
  • GT series automobile power stations are equipped with diesel generator sets on mobile sites, which have strong mobility and adaptability. It is suitable for emergency power supply or construction and operation power supply in remote areas. GFD series low-noise power stations are divided into box-type and vehicle-mounted type, and the noise level can reach below 80 decibels (dba).
  • Natural gas generator set is a new type of generator set developed and designed by absorbing international advanced technology and experience in combination with the needs of oil and gas field users in my country. Widely used in oil fields, mining, coking and other industries: Applicable fuels: natural gas, coking gas, gas and filtered straw gas.

    Gas generator sets have the advantages of wide output power range, high reliability in startup and operation, good power generation quality, light weight, small size, simple maintenance, and low low-frequency noise. Generally, they have the following three advantages:

    1. Good power generation quality. Since the generator set has only rotating motion when working, the ESC has a fast response speed and works particularly smoothly. The output voltage and frequency of the generator have high accuracy and small fluctuations. When the load is reduced by 50% and 75% when the load is suddenly added, the set will become intensive. Camel line is very stable. The electrical performance index is better than diesel generator set.
    2. Good startup performance and high startup success rate. The time from a successful cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the international regulations stipulate that diesel generators will carry load 3 minutes after a successful start. The gas turbine generator set can guarantee the success rate of startup under any ambient temperature and climate.
    3. Low noise and small vibration. Because the gas turbine is in a high-speed rotation state, its vibration is very small, and the low-frequency noise is better than that of diesel generator sets.
  • The high-voltage generator set is powered by domestic and foreign high-quality brand diesel engines, in accordance with the national standard \"GB2820 General Technical Requirements for Power Frequency Diesel Generator Sets\", and in accordance with the \"IEC34-I\" International Electrotechnical Commission Rotating Motor Standard, select domestic and foreign quality High-voltage series generator sets (6300V, 10500V) produced by Yougenerator.

    The high-voltage generator is composed of diesel and heavy oil. It has the characteristics of high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, small voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable work, long service life, and good economic performance.
  • TFV series 15-2000kw brushless three-phase synchronous generator is a new type of power generation designed and developed by ourselves by introducing, digesting and absorbing the advanced technology of brand generators in the 1990s. The technical performance and installation dimensions of the TFV series generator conform to IEC standards and the People’s Republic of China National standard GB/T15548-9 \"General technology for three-phase generators driven by reciprocating internal combustion engines\"

    The product performance is excellent, the quality is reliable, the appearance is beautiful and elegant, and the product performance reaches the contemporary priority level.
    Integral salient pole rotor, the pole winding is directly wound on the pole body, the core ventilation design features, the heat dissipation effect is good, and the winding temperature rise margin is large. The rotor is equipped with a fully damped winding frame, and the appearance is elegant. The overall size is small, and the performance is good. The overall structure has a stand-alone control box. The transmission end cover has a secondary structure: one is the end cover with a protruding stop, the other is the end cover and the connecting seat are cast into one body, which is convenient for direct installation of the unit.
The power range of the diesel generator set supplied by our company is 30kw-3000kw, which can meet the specifications of ordinary, automatic, four protection, automatic switching and three remote monitoring, low noise and mobile...

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